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What is OMG!Code?

We're the source code guild of the Omaha Maker Group. Welcoming Makers of all skill levels across all computer programming languages.

We're also a user group incubator. Excited about your bleeding edge code-related hobby and looking for others to geek out with? Join us while you gain traction!

Getting involved

Upcoming Meetings

Tue, Oct 6 2015 7pm

Jay presents his open source quad copter. :) C firmware, Javascript GUI (Chrome plugin)

      ... and YOU presenting whatever you're excited about! :)

OMG!Code meetings are held every 4 weeks at The Makery.

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Become a Github repo collaborator, if you aren't already, by asking nicely.

  $ git clone
  $ git checkout gh-pages
  Make your changes
  $ git commit -a
  $ git push

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